Ul2s Eartec Ul2s Ultralite Wireless Microphone System With 1 Master And 1 Remote Headsets (2 Singles)

UL2S Eartec UltraLITE Wireless Microphone System with 1 Master and 1 Remote Headsets (2 Singles)

Eartec UltraLITE are breakthrough full duplex wireless headsets that provide hands-free, two-way voice communications.

At the heart of these systems is a specialty "Master" headset that relays the digital signals generated by up to three "Remote" units.

The resulting open line talking pattern allows up to 4 people to talk simultaneously without pushing buttons.

These DECT Systems (digital enhanced cordless telecommunications) are available in single ear, dual ear, and beltpack for use with miniature headset styles.

Comes with:

two UltraLITE Single Headsets
• Self-contained "all-in-one" design: eliminates wires or belt-worn radios
• Wear on left or right ear: mic boom swivels 270 degrees.
• Dect technology: digital enhanced cordless telecommunications
• Lithium polymer batteries: provide continuous for 6 hr. operation

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