10hpc S1lverfox Hip Pit Caddy

S1LVER FOX Slot Car HIP Pit Caddy
This is one of the most amazing Pit Caddy in Slot Car Racing TODAY.
One of the most important parts of slot car racing is getting too your car after the heat race and making sure your car is ready for the next heat. . You only have two minutes to gather up your Pit Tools, Oils and Parts and get too your car and work on it before the next race, why fumble with Tools, Oils and Parts in your pocket, jacket or apron when you can have the HIP PIT CADDY right on your HIP..
The Hip Pit Caddy will hold body tape and Body Armor, 3 - ½ oz. oval bottles of Oils, Braid Conditioner, Lighter Fluid, Cleaners or any other fluids you would like to put in the bottles for the race, Body Pins, Tools, Scissors, Braid, 3/32 or 1/8th Gears, 3/32 or 1/8th Axles and Lane Color Sheets.…………..…..
You can even change colors or design in the front of your tape holder whenever you want, make it the way you like it, it’s your choice…the HIP Pit Caddy come with graphite look with the purchase.
What more could you ask for when it you have it all accessible at your HIP.
With all the products and tools in the HIP Pit Caddy, it only weights 8.8oz w/o fluids. The dimensions of the HIP Pit Caddy is 5” H X 4” L X 3” W; you won’t even know that you are even carrying the S1LVER FOX HIP Pit Caddy at your waist side when you’re racing.

You can clip the HIP Pit Caddy to you waist line on your pants, clip on your belt and if your wearing shirts or jackets that are not tucked in, you can clip it to you front pocket…..
Pull the trigger and WIN the race and purchase your S1LVER FOX HIP Pit Caddy TODAY. Be the first racer to always be in your position at the start of the next race while your competition is fumbling around and looking for their oils, tools and spare parts out of their pocket or jackets.

How many times have you had to run back to the pits because you didn’t have the right part or tools in your pockets in the middle of a heat race or even during a heat race?

You can have it all on the HIP with your S1LVER FOX HIP Pit Caddy today, be a WINNER.   
I’m in it, to WIN it, so don’t lose a race over something you can have at the HIP, the HIP Pit Caddy will WIN a race for you sooner than you think and that’s a promise…….
GOOD LUCK RACING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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