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Roseville, CA. 95747
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Est. since 1999
Hours 7:00am - 5:00pm 



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   Arrival Date on  products and on NEW products below  


 1-25-2017  --- Capricorn Tyre Addive machine
TYREADDV3 tire additive applicator V3 - NO ADAPTORS  CAPRICORN


 1-25-2017  --- V3 1/10 TOOL KIT Adaptor

 1-25-2017  Tesla RP7 glowplug by O.S


 1-25-2017  Tesla RP7 glowplug by O.S


 1-25-2017  Tesla .21 Pipe/w Header EFRA 2129


 1-25-2017  Tesla .12 Pipe/w Header
 1-25-2017  Tesla .21 Pipe/w Header EFRA 2094
 1-26-2017  T-WORKS Products



International Shipments:
SpeedWorld Hobbies does not ship Internationally normally unless buyer contacts SpeedWorld Hobbies by phone or email to set up shipping arrangements and to receive shipping cost before package can go out for delivery.



Puerto Rico Shipments :
All  P.R. orders will go out UPS 2 Day or USPS Postal unless our customer chooses  
another option of delivery service. Package pricing varies on size & weight.  



All USA Shipments  :

All USA shipments purchased from SpeedWorld Hobbies is insured up to $50.00
FREE for a damaged package during transit or lost in transit. That package is not insured for lost or stolen package after delivery is completed by the courier company that is used.
Any package that that does NOT required a signature by the customer during check out, SpeedWorld Hobbies is NOT responsible for lost or stolen packages during or after delivery is completed by courier. 


Any package valued over $50.00 the customer can insure their package, the customer  must directly call a reprehensive at SpeedWorld Hobbies and set up the details.


Once the package is derived by any courier that SWH uses, the package can only have a claim for damage product if value under $50.00 unless customer purchased extra insurance on their package.


Knowledge and SWH Pricing:
SpeedWorld Hobbies offers some of the best pricing in the country. Our service and On-Road knowledge is one of the best in the industry today. SpeedWorld Hobbies also sends a staff member to most all Major NITRO On-Road events in the country all year around to help support and meet our customers, racers and future customers. If your looking for any help or need to ask any questions at any Major Nitro On-Road events, please look or ask for Billy Bowerman. Billy would be glad to help you in anyway.

Inventory Questions:
Our inventory is live time inventory for your convenience. If you feel that you would like to inquire on any of our products that are out of stock or you cannot locate, PLEASE f
eel free to call us and ask one of our representatives at (916)  218-2153 between 9am - 5pm PST.

SWH Discounts:
SpeedWorld Hobbies does offer some of the best pricing in the industry.
SpeedWorld Hobbies does offer discounts to our customers.
When our customer receives a discount coupon card, the coupon card will be attached to their invoice inside their package that they have just received from SpeedWorld Hobbies.  
The code that our customer will use will be written on the card along with the dollar amount or discount off your next order. The code will only be able to be used for 1 time only.

How to use the coupon code:
All our customer will have to do on their next order is type in the code written on the coupon card in the coupon code box when checking out, it's that easy. The system will take off your discount or dollar amount from you order before your order closes out.


Charging your Credit Card for Customer orders:

SpeedWorld Hobbies does not charge any of our customers Credit Card until their order is pulled box up and ready to ship. SpeedWorld Hobbies also does not charge for product that are not in stock and then placed on back order. SpeedWorld does not place products on back order if out of stock.
Our inventory is live inventory and about 99% correct.


Shipment Dead-Line:
All shipment will go out same day as ordered if received by 2:30 pm PST M-F and your tracking number will be sent to you electronically by end day of order M-F.
 If needed an emergency shipment to be sent out after hours,  you can call us Mon - Sat after hours if needed and hope we can help in some way.
SpeedWorld can not guarantee that we will be able to answer the phone or help, but we willing to try and help if possible.  


Shipping Pricing:
All shipments sent out of SpeedWorld Hobbies are based off of Parcel Company Pricing.
SpeedWorld is a small company, so our prices may vary from larger companies.


Special Orders: All Special orders will be paid up front in full, All cancelled special orders OVER $100.00, there will be a 50% restocking fee.
All cancelled special orders UNDER $50.00, there will be a 15% restocking fee.


Searching for Products:
If you would like to look up any product, you can type the part number in search box on the left side or GO to browse categories on left side under the search box, click on browse categories, then click on the category that pertains to what product that you are looking for. There will be many category boxes that will appear, this will help you narrow down you product search or look at products that you never thought of purchasing or manufactured.

If there a product that your looking for and you do not know that part number or just want to look for products, you can go to and click on the manufacture site on the left side of site under search products and click on manufactures. That will take you to all the manufactures SWH carries. Just go to the manufactures logo and click, that will show you all products that SWH carries for that manufacture,  it's that simple!!!!!

                                                    Not responsible for typographical errors

                                               GREAT SERVICE at GREAT PRICES
                      Give us a call and talk to our knowledgeable racing staff.


SpeedWorld Hobbies (AKA ACORN RACING USA) mail order was established in March of 1999.

Please give us a call if you have any questions or concerns that you may have.

If we do not answer, we are helping other customers so please leave us a voice message and we will call you back within 1 hour.  We are very excited to help you so PLEASE LEAVE a message or we have no way to contact the person that is calling us for assistance.


SpeedWorld Hobbies has some of the most knowledgeable NITRO On-Road support staff in the industry.  SpeedWorld has drivers that compete in and at all Major NITRO On-Road race events around the USA all year around and at WORLD events.


SpeedWorld staff enjoys going to race events around the country participating or helping out drivers and customers. We feel that it helps keep our staff knowledgeable and help support our customers at these events. SpeedWorld Hobbies also feels that it gives us a personal touch and chance to meet and talk directly to our customers. It also allows us to meet and help new racers at these events to make their race day more pleasurable.

SpeedWorld Hobbies has in stock products for all your needs to compete at the highest level with the best equipment. We also have some of the most unique parts, tools and racing accessories on the market at affordable pricing.

Please take your time to browse around our site and hope you can find what you looking for.  


Thank you for your support and see you at the races.


Have a Great Day !!!!!!




In Memoryof of 
Ron "The Legend" Paris