2105 2500mah 7.4v- Li-po Nitro Rx Battery Pack, Flat

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From ReVtech are 2 Li-Po receiver packs designed especially for Nitro vehicles. Made with the highest quality cells, covered in extra heavy duty shrink and sporting 20awg leads, you will not find a better or more dependable receiver pack anywhere. Super light weight and designed to power the electronics of 1/10th & 1/8th scale gas powered race cars, as well as boats and some planes.

Racers have asked us for Li-Po packs vs the Li-Fe so they have the higher voltage that some radio systems will allow you to run, providing higher torque and faster operating servos. This is a big advantage with the new heavier 1/10th and 1/8th vehicles. Each pack is kevlar wrapped and covered in heavy duty orange shrink. The packs have universal plug for operation as well as a balance plug.

Li-Po receiver packs produce more power then Li-Fe so there is a big advantage using these both when your radio system allows full use of 7.2 volts and when used on a system that restricts voltage with a voltage regulator the voltage will stay high and your servos fast for longer runs.

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