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2012 Fort Myers FL Winter Nationals Hello RACERS, the first major race is in the books. Fort Myers WINTER Nats was the first stop in 2012 and it was exciting. Racers came from all around the WORLD; I believe there were 7 countries that attend this race and over 140 entries between 3 classes. The classes that was offered at this most prestige race event were 1/10 Touring Open, 1/8 Master and 1/8 Open. Congratulations to the A main drivers and the WINNERS, Ralph Burch 1/8 open, Paul Lemieux 1/10 Touring and Joaquin Desoto 1/8 Master.
2016 Kicks off with @ The Winter Nats Ft. Myers More information and pictures coming during the races. Feb 9- 13, 2016
Tracy Bowerman at her best Tracy Bowerman if not one the best pit person you will ever want to have on your team. Tracy is very quick and efficient. She also cheers her driver on no matter who it is.
2015 7th Annual Timezone Grand Prix July 16th-19th 2015 Returning for the Summer, is the 7th running of the Timezone Grand Prix! July 16th-19th 2015. The "Woodstock" of RC Racing, with the Soon to be Famous "St. Cyr BBQ", and everything else you've grown to expect from one of the Greatest European Styled tracks in the U.S. This year we are looking to possibly changing up the infield some to give us a new dynamic of racing we have yet to experience. Back by popular demand! TIE-DYE race shirts will again be included with your race fee for everyone that pre-registers before JULY 1st! Included, as always, the "Tri-Tip Saturday Night BBQ", hosted by the St. Cyr family and On-Time services! Everyone who has been here knows this is worth the trip in itself. Hope to see you all again this year!
2015 R.O.A.R. On-Road Fuel Nationals Kissimmee R.O.A.R. Fuel National at Fullthrottle Raceway in Kissimmee Florida. Tuesday April 28. Today is nit a such good start for practice t Kissimmee Full throttle Raceway. It's been raining since last night and looks like it will go on until Wednesday. Saturday and Sunday the track look great with some racers breaking in engines. Track is big with a 225' straightaway x 125'. George and Steve the track owners are some of the best guys you would ever meet and the hospitality is awesome, they make everyone feel like your at home. more race info to come by end week.
2015 KO PROPO GRAND PRIX This year the KO Propo Nitro Grand Prix will be held Sept. 25-27 in Gardena California at the Greater LA. R/C club
2015 Winter Nats Fort Myers 2015 WINTER NATS MARCH 17-21 Fort Myers, Fl.
2015 Airtronics Race 2015 Airtronics race at Greater Los Angeles club Matrix Tires , PICCO Engines and DeSoto racing. We would like to thank all the racers for coming to the race here in California and good luck to all the drivers. MATRIX Tires, PICCO engines and DeSoto racing would like to thank all our supporters across the country for your support. 2015 Airtronics race top qualifier Paolo Morganti in 1/8 scale. 2015 Airtronics race top qualifier in 1/10th Ditta Collymore. 2015 Airtronics race 1/8th scale sportsman top qualifier Tom Wong.
2013 AIRTRONICS Championships Mike Swauger DOMINATES Airtronics Race........
2013 Mugen West Coast Challenge Championships Mike Swauger Dominates 1/8 scale,Wins and TQ and Billy Bowerman comes back for the win in 1/10 Touring with a fast Hot Rod.
2013 KO PROPO Grand Prix Nitro Racing /10th Expert Sedan Team XRAY’s Billy Bowerman sent us this report from the 2013 KO PROPO Nitro On-Road Grrand Prix last weekend hosted at the G.L.A.R.C.R.C. in Los Angeles, CA the site for this years 1/8th& 1/10th ROAR Nitro On-Road Nationals. The 1/10th A main final in Sedan was a great race between Mike Swauger and D.J. Apolaro. Ralph Burch was your TQ but had some problems with his engine going rich in the main so Ralph kept going backwards and finally had to pull the car off. The race between Mike and D.J. were close from the start to the end, separating the two by only 4 to 8 seconds the entire race. Swauger started in front and never looked back. until Mike got tied up with lap traffic with 8-10 minutes to go in the race this allowing D.J. Apolaro to make his move and get by for the win. Mike tried to come back but just not enough time left and finished 4th. It came down to the Billy Bowerman who received the come back kid award, Billy qualified 37th dead last with only 6 laps on his sedan touring car all weekend. Billy’s sedan went out of control in the first qual run on Saturday due to a battery wire broke of and destroyed the front of the car, chassis and body. It was one of the full wood in the back straightaway wall crashes. Billy decided to put it away and concentrate on 1/8th open, but after getting the car back together on Sunday Billy decided to run the mains for fun and went and bumped up and won the D, C, B and finish 2nd in the A main Final expert open, awesome run and great job by one of the best pit person in r/c, his wife Tracy…! 1/8th Sportsman Open In the 1/8th Sportsman Open it was another great race for Robert Morris from KO PROPO qualifying in the 4th spot. Your TQ Trevor Geter started on the pole but after lap 4 it was Robert Morris taking the lead, Robert lead the race from lap 4 until 5 minutes left in the race. Robert went to make a pass on a back marker, when passing the driver didn’t want to move, causing Robert’s car to break. This dropped him to the 2nd spot and Trevor took over the lead and went on to win the Sportsman A main Final with Don Miyamoto finishing 3rd.. 1/8th Open Expert In 1/8th Open Expert Mike Swauger was your TQ and started the A main in front. Mike lead the entire race form the pole and then with about 4 minutes left, Mike had to come in for one last fuel stop, it was a little slower than normal and when Mike came out of the pits it set him behind Paolo Morgannti coming in 2nd and Paolo took the lead. It was the first time the entire race Mike gave up the lead. Paolo was making a run to the front, it was the best his car looked all weekend DJ Apolaro was in second for 3/4 of the race until DJ hit a corner and set him in the 3rd spot behind Paolo at that time. Paolo was in the lead and Mike was in second, with only a few minutes left in the race Paolo and Mike were within 10 feet coming into the sweeper to the straightaway and Mike was in second and got a really good run and on the straightaway Poalo and Mike touched sending Paolo to the light post and after that the lights turned off and Mike went on for the win. It was a great race for the entire A main drivers. I would like to thank Brian Thomas, Barry Baker and the Crew from Greater L.A. for all their hard work and great show with some really close and great racing… We had a great time and hope to see you all at the Nationals. Congratulations to all the racers and especially to all the A main drivers, this race had most of the bests racers in the USA come to this event and was tough race to make the A mains, any of the top 20 drivers in each class was able to make the show it just all came down to 1 or 2 good runs.
2012 ACORN RACING USA R.O.A.R. SHOW DOWN 1/10 Touring Hello everyone, race #1 of a 3 races series is finally in the books. We had 14 1/10th scale shows up and it was some really close qualifying. Scotty Barnes dominated the qualifying with a low 22 laps. Barnes was on a 23 lap pace when he ran out of fuel at 4:58 and already crossing the line and then she stopped. The A MAIN was fast from the start, but James Nelson and Trevor Geter had some problems and retired early only going 9 laps at most. The real battle came down to Henry Turner from The Granter Bay area and Jonathan Prather from Los Angeles area. These two battle it out for the entire 30 minute race within 5 seconds. Henry won the battle and grabbed the 2nd spot on the podium and Jonathan grabbed took the 3rd podium spot. Chet Miller was in the seat for 4th 3 laps down but for some reason the WASPS keep landing on him when he was racing, If you talk to Chet after the race he was all smile as normal, but he will tell you the WASPS cost him at least 5 laps and probably cost him the WIN because of the disturbance from them, LMAO........Vil Zapata was so please with his performance in the B main and moving up to the A main choose not to run since we were shorthanded on pit guys for the A Main, thank you Vill............................................................................................A MAIN EVENT 1/10 TOURING............................. Scott Barnes 126 Henry Turner 125 Jonathan Prather 124 Chet Miller 121 Dan Tanis 114 KJ Jones 112 Enrique Rosas 96 Nel Carolina 8 Trevor Geter 7 Vil Zapata 1 NEXT RACE of the SERIES SEPT 2 @ SPPEDWORLD
ACORN RACING USA R.O.A.R. SHOW DOWN 1/8th scale Hello everyone, race #1 of a 3 races series is finally in the books. We had 8 -1/8th scale racers show up and it was K.J. Jones on the top of the qualifying board at the end. K.J. is from the Bay Area and came up to join in some serious competition. K.J TQ and the 30 min main event, Curtis Morte from Roseville area finished 2nd and Brandon Cho finish third from Los Angels area.......................................................................................................................Cutis Morte was TQ early and then comes BBR driver K.J. Jones to take the top spot away. The battle in the main was exciting for the first 15 minutes and then Alan Morte was a contender broke and that's when K.J. picked up the pace and started pulling away from the field. Curtis Morte did not qualify very well but stepped up with a surprising finish taking the second place honors with his only 3rd time driving a nitro 1/8th scale car. Brandon Cho was close to battle the 2nd spot and then here comes Alan Morte repairing his car trying everything he can to catch Brandon but could not finish the job, finish the same lap at the end. Brandon Cho a young kid started about a year ago is improving fast, so keep your eye on the kid. ...............A MAIN EVENT 1/8 OPEN................................................................................. KJ Jones 131 Curtis Morte 123 Brandon Cho 119 Alan Morte 119 Enrique Rosas 56 Steven Muller 19 Jonathan Prather 14 Michael Shing 12
NEW Clutch springs by ACORN RACING USA ACORN RACING USA would like to announce that they have just manufactured there own clutch spring that has been tested my some top drivers in the USA for 1/8th & 1/10th scale on-road racing. Some of the top manufactures that make clutch springs on the market today, ACORN RACING USA guarantees that their clutch springs are as equal in performance at a much cheaper cost. AR-MSR06 works awesome with some very good snap of the corners without spring getting soft or going flat over a short time with heat. It is a little short than some of the heavier springs on the market but fits in the 1/10 and 1/8th scale scale clutches nicely. Acorn Racing USA takes pride in the grinding of the top & bottom of the springs that have kept some heat out before use. Some springs are ground so hard that the top of the spring that is ground is blue in color and has created a lot of heat from grinding before even be used that makes the spring weaker. We are in testing with our NEWER clutch spring AR-SHP07and this spring will be a little longer than the AR-MSR06 using a similar size wire. The length will give you a little more spring rate that was used in Homestead FL. for the 1/8 Worlds in 2011. Some racers have mentioned that they have had some clutch springs coil bind and we feel that this will solve the problem but give the racers another selection of stiffer clutch spring for performance using on high speed tracks.
Nor-Cal Raceway First Series race News Hello everyone, I would like to thank everybody that joined us today at Nor-Cal for the first race of the series with SpeedWorld. It was a awesome show with some of the fastest cats in California that attendedand a huge turnout for the nitr...o 1/10th... . I really like the to thank Eric and the staff, especially Jesse Stark and Kevin Jelich for a outstanding job on the mic all day. . Congratulation to all the racers and Steve Perez and Eric Vausutin for their podium finishes. CONGRATZ to Kevin Wood for his TQ effort and Scotty Barnes for his 2nd week in a row setting blistering times and driving outstanding, some of the best I have ever seen him race also using a NT1 X-RAY car. . I would like to give a BIG SPECIAL THANKS to Harry H for is outstanding pit work giving me the opportunity to finish in the top three of the main today. Sorry I let you down big buddy, I had a blast. . Thanks to X-Ray, REDS Racing Engines, Mike Swauger, SRC Tyres, Kosmic Fuel, and K.O. PROPO for all their help with having the best products on the market today and Mike Swauger for all his help and making me becaome a faster driver with his help and knowledge for the 2012 racing season. Mike has deffintly help me stepping up my game so early in the year. . With only my second race with X-RAY NT1, first Race with KOSMIC Fuel and second race with the NEW REDS RACING M3T engine, what a fast hot rod I had today. I am really pleased going into 2012 race season with all these companies help, ran extreamly strong all day and I am really excited for the season. Finishing 2nd place in the A main and qualifying 3rd was a great start for the new year. . Thanks Rod Whitley for loaning me his Blue X-ray rear springs, that sure helped the car rotate for the main. a few other minor changes and the car was fast until chucking a left rear tire with 2 minutes left in the A main after leading for 28 minutes in a 30 minute main, my bad. . NT1 sport racers kit, ROCKS. $335.00 are you out of your mind, lol. .
SpeedWorld / Nor Cal 1/10 Nitro Series starts on April 7 NCNTCS Nitro TC Series Announcing the first Northern California Nitro Touring Car Series. It's going to be run between Nor-Cal Hobbies and Speedworld Raceway and Hobbies. The Classes are Nitro Touring Car Expert, and Nitro Touring Car Sportsman. There is no registration or fee for the series, just show up, all will be scored. (normal club fees apply) 6 Races, 2 Throw-Outs Points are as follows 60/1st place, 58/2nd, 57/3rd, 56/4th, 55/5th, 54/6th, 53/7th, 52/8th and so on. 8 Drivers will be natural in the A main, 2 Drivers will bump up from the B and lower mains. You will receive points based on your highest finishing position - winning the B Main receives no points - where you finish in the A Main does. In the event of a tie - the throwouts are used to determine the winner. Awards will be engraved with the entrants name for the podium (Top 3) finishers of the series for each class. The dates are April 7th Nor-Cal April 15th Speedworld May 5th Nor-Cal May 12th Speedworld June 2nd Nor-Cal June 17th Speedworld Nor-Cal Hobbies 30600 Union City Blvd. Union City, CA 94587 (510)324-5700 Speedworld Raceway & Hobbies 90 Corporation Yard Rd. Roseville, CA 95678 (916)783-8864
2012 Montonica Nitro Challenge Race Hello everyone, just returning home from the 2012 Montonica race held in L.A. @ the Greater L.A. Club. I think there were 87 entries in 1/10 and 1/8 Nitro. Friday was practice all day. The layout was fast and fun especially for 1/10. Don't get me wrong it was big layout and awesome for 1/8 but I ran 1/10 and it was off the hook. Traction was awesome as always especially when you lay down 8 gallons of VHT. I WOULD LIKE TO THANK Garen the owner of Montonica USA for sponsoring this race, you do not find a much nicer guy in the world and thank you Glenn and the crew for all their hard work they do to keep the club going over r the years and always putting the best races on a s possible. Has always, we also would like to thank the racers for their strong support which you don’t find a lot in r/c with the times that we are all in now. Thank all the Northern Cali guys that came and raced, I think that was the most that traveled in a long time. Saturday was qualifying and went 4 rounds. We all had a feeling that it was going to rain on Sunday so Garen and Glenn decided to get as much racing as we can in if we don’t race on Sunday. Qualifying was close in both classes till the end. Greater L.A. club has a lot fast cats and great people. In 1/10th Mike Swauger ended up TQ with Steve Perez in 2nd and Garen in 3rd. In 1/8th Mike Swauger TQ with Christian Lopez 2nd and I will have find the results later this week when posted. I will post the results in qualifying order is how they finished due to rain on Sunday. AWESOME TIME and hope to see you guys in a few months. Thanks Billy
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