330011 2015 Spec Luxury Nitro Car 1/10

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330011 2015 Spec Luxury Nitro Car 1/10

World Champions…European Champions…USA Champions…Asian Champions

At the heart of XRAY’s philosophy it is a firm commitment to perfection when it comes to engineering, design, performance and support, all made possible by state-of-the-art in house manufacturing. The NT1 is synonymous with the absolute perfection that is XRAY: a platform that has been capturing trophies at tracks all around the world, and also capturing the hearts and minds of customers who demand nothing less than excellence.

Multiple winner of “Car of the Year” awards and dominating winner of all major titles – including World Champion, European Champion, USA Champion, Asian Champion and dozens of National champion titles all around the world – proves the NT1’s unbeatable racing pedigree.

“Ever since the very first NT1 was released back in 2007, it has enjoyed some of the greatest successes around the world and been one of the most popular nitro touring cars around. The success of the NT1 has been the result of ongoing development and improvements based on feedback from Team XRAY and customers worldwide.

This all-new NT1 is a milestone in the history of the platform, with some of the most significant changes and important improvements & refinements integrated into this a single update. I am very proud to present you the latest evolution and best-ever performing nitro touring car…the all-new NT1.”

New for 2015
•New chassis
•New chassis
•New aluminum bulkheads
•New aluminum rear 2-speed shaft bulkheads
•New aluminum middle shaft holder
•New aluminum upper clamps
•New aluminum suspension mounts
•New aluminum front upper arm holders
•New front upper arm
•New steering blocks
•New improved caster adjustment range
•New improved bump steer adjustment range
•New rear uprights
•New radio plate
•New radio plate flex system
•New radio flex adjustment bushing
•New rear stiffener link
•New graphite shock towers
•New graphite roll-center bridge
•New front & rear anti-roll bar ball-bearing mounting system
•New rear anti-roll bar adjustment system
•New rear anti-roll bar wire
•New brake cam post
•New composite front bumper upper holder
Class: 1/10 nitro touring car
Length w/o body: 381 mm
Chassis length: 341 mm
Wheelbase: 258~260 mm
Width: adjustable 197~200 mm
Weight: 945 g
Ready-to-run weight: 1630 g

Chassis: CNC-machined 3.0 mm Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum
Shock towers: machined laminated carbon graphite (front 2.5mm + rear 3.0mm) with multiple shock mounting and camber link roll center positions
Radio tray: machined laminated carbon graphite 2.5mm

Type: triple belt, 4WD
Final drive ratio (FDR): 2-speed: 1st 7.56; 2nd 5.27 (at 1:1 overdrive)
Front differential: sealed, silicone-filled gear diff
Rear differential: sealed, silicone-filled gear diff
Drive axle: front CVD drive shafts – Hudy Spring Steel™ rear dogbone drive shafts – Hudy Spring Steel™
Suspension: pivot ball suspension
Shocks: machined aluminum, oil-filled, coil-over shocks shortened for improved suspension travel
Pinion gear (std): hardcoated alu 1st: 16T ; 2nd: 21T
Spur gear (std): molded composite 1st: 59T ; 2nd: 54T
Arms: standard

Ride height: adjustable front + rear
Camber: adjustable front + rear
Caster: adjustable front
Toe: adjustable front + rear
Downstops: adjustable front + rear
Roll center: adjustable front + rear
Ackermann: adjustable front
Front anti-roll bars: free of choice – adjustable blade style or wire style 2.6mm
Rear anti-roll bar: wire style 2.0 mm

Wheels: not included
Instructions: full-color Instruction Manual with 3D graphics (48 pages)
Set-up book: 2-color Set-Up Book (39 pages) – not included, available for download only together with set-up sheet
Packaging: carton box with vinyl bags with parts
Additionally included: Authentication Certificate, parts list & exploded view, decals
Not included: radio system (transmitter and receiver), personal transponder, steering & throttle servos, engine, manifold & exhaust, starter box & starter box battery pack, receiver battery pack, glowplug igniter, battery charger, 1/10-scale bodyshell (200 mm), wheels & tires, Lexan® paint, model R/C car fuel (nitromethane), tape, air filter & oil, CA glue, bearing oil, medium-grade (blue) threadlock, tire truer, tools

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