1171 Futaba J Male Unasm (4)

1171 Futaba J Male unasm (4). This is excellent for shorting servo wiires. You need these to do the job. You also need to use #CEL1179 for best work.
Now you can replace servo connectors without soldering. Reliably!
Have you ever wanted to make aileron extension cables your own length or with a heavier wire?
Have you ever bought an Rx battery pack with wires but no connector?
Have you ever wanted to replace servo connectors without having to solder?

CUSTOM ELECTRONICS offers the “sockets” and male “plastic housings” compatible with Futaba “J” (CEL 1171) , “JR”, Hitec, and Airtronics "Z" (CEL 1172), and OLD Airtronics (CEL 1173) radio systems.

Simply crimp the pins on to your wires, then snap the pins into the plastic housing!

Unassembled radio connectors are sold in sets of four (4), either male or female. The “Crimping Tool” is sold separately and will crimp male or female pins to 20-28 awg gauge wire.

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