24 S1lverfox Motor Mounting Block Jig

24 S1LVERFOX Motor Mounting Block Jig

S1LVERFOX Racing Products has designed a motor block to easier mounting your motor flat to the chassis and your car will not move off.

This products is GREAT from beginners to exert, especially when your in a hurry.

The block is designed to keep the chassis flat on the surface with or without tires on the car. It is designed with a u shape brace on the back that wraps around the axle carriers to hold the car from sliding off or around the block. Most block move and you have to hold the car and the block from moving around s to get the perfect gear mesh, this one is your friend and the car will not move off the block until you set the gear mesh.

You can solder your motor in the car on the jig with or without the tires on or off it does not matter.

The block also has a 3mm screw in the middle of the block so when you set most all JK chassis on it you can tighten the screen to hold the chassis in place if you feel needed. Most all chassis drop down or non drop down will fit on jig The rear jig brace is wide enough to fit JK chassis out side of rear axle width or smaller.

How many times have you tried to solder your motor in with or without the wheels on a flat surface and found out after your done the motor set lower than the chassis, especially when your in a hurry. How many times have you slot car moved off the surface your using when soldering? many, many, many.

This jig was designed where you can set you slot car on the block with your wheels on. The car will lay flat on jig and your wheels will drop down in the milled out area for flatness. The jig has a back stop mounted for the car to keep the car steady and straight without the car moving off off the jig. .

It a trick tool you must have in your slot car box.

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