Ambrc4 10r078 Hyprid Transponder

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Used for RC cars electric or nitro. This is the newest transponder on the market from MY LAPS/AMB works with all older system..

The newest rc4 does not work with old system. rc4 Hyprid works with all older and newer system.

This is the MYLAPS Personal RC4 Hybrid Direct Powered Transponder.

•Half the size, half the weight of the original

•Low voltage operation: 2.8-16 Volt compatible
•Transponder and transponder holder are individual parts, so you can easily switch transponders between different cars (extra holders sold separately).

•Better quality cable (PTFE) that is fuel resistant
•1-4 cell LiPo compatible
•Fully hybrid:
?100% compatible with RC2/RC3 Timing Systems (previously AMBrc)
?100% compatible with RC4, and ready for the future

Dimensions (excluding holder) (WxLxH): 16x19x6mm
Weight: 4.7g (including holder)
Operating voltage: 2.8 - 16.0 V
Power consumption*: 19 mA
Wire isolation**: PTFE
Quick change holder: Yes
Connector: Generic receiver 3-pole

* Measured at 6.0 volt (receiver output)
** Gasoline/Nitro-methane resistant, no aging   

NOTE: See image below for a list of transponders and compatible MYLAPS decoders.

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