Ch120vbk Engine Heater 120v Deuce Black

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Properly and effectively heats all critical parts
Misconception. You should only pre-heat you’re racing engine in cool weather is false. You should pre-heat your high performance R/C racing engine every time before you start it.
Cover is made of heat resistant and fireproof material. Helps insulate R/C racing engine and you can safely remove heater from engine.
Heating element is moisture and chemical resistant
High temp Velcro adjustable cover fits all .19-.28 R/C racing engines
High Quality connect/disconnect connector. You can disconnect and break in you R/C racing engine in the car with the heater attached.
Glow plug igniter and temperature access port allows you to start your R/C racing engine while heater is in operation.
Extremely efficient, only 50 watts 110 Volts. Track owners and operators will benefit from its efficiency.
Distributes heat so effectively it will heat chassis and diffs
30% to 40% of an R/C racing engines life is spent simply trying to bring it up to temperature. Nothing is harder on these high performance R/C racing engines than a cold start and constant high revs to build heat. This results in excessive engine wear and stress on piston, con rod and crank. The Competition Heat R/C racing engine heater is capable of doubling engine life and increasing overall performance.
Learning to break in and properly tune an R/C racing engine can be frustrating. The Competition Heat .21 R/C racing engine heater will greatly reduce the learning curve and frustration by properly and consistently pre-heating your high performance R/C racing engine every time, making it easier to start and tune.
Hands free operation
Most importantly, it will pay for itself by increasing engine life and performance.

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