308036 Composite Non-adjustable Pistons - V2

308036 Composite Non-Adjustable Pistons - V2

Set of composite molded shock pistons for 2 shock absorbers. Includes pistons with 2 holes and 3 holes. Each piston type is available with three different-sized holes for damping adjustment: 1.1mm, 1.2mm, and 1.3mm holes (2 per piston).

We recommend using larger-diameter holes on low-traction tracks, and smaller-diameter holes on on high-traction tracks. Larger-diameter holes allow for more roll and decrease car responiveness, making the car easier to handle. Smaller-diameter holes allow for less roll and increased car responsiveness.

The new pistons have a larger external diameter and are flatter than the standard kit pistons and because of that, these pistons fits only to 308306 alu shocks specially developed for T2’008 cars.

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